Highlight: Hidden Find in Singapore – ATP Tennis Stringer in Singapore Sharon Yeo of String-Fix in the Central Business District that few know about.

ATP Tennis Stringer in Singapore Sharon Yeo of String-Fix in the Central Business District
ATP Tennis Stringer in Singapore Sharon Yeo of String-Fix, conveniently located in the Central Business District

Many of us tennis players have day jobs in the Central Business District. What many tennis players in the Central Business District do not know of, is that there is actually a very highly qualified tennis stringer, Sharon Yeo and her shop String-Fix, that is conveniently located at Raffles Place, in Hong Leong Building that is one of the best tennis stringing services in Singapore.

Sharon is an ATP Tennis Stringer who was part of the Official Stringing Team for the Malaysia Open 2010. Sharon has strung tennis racquets for several big name tennis stars such as David Ferrer, Scott Lipsky, Lu Yen Hsun, Roger Vasseli, Michal Przysiezny and Michael Russel.

In addition to the convenience of her tennis stringing service in Singapore in the Central Business District, Sharon has just acquired a brand new state of the art electronic stringing machine, the Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP, the most premium of tennis stringing machines. The stringing machine is one of the best available in Singapore that few can hope to match, featuring a carbon design shell, double action clamps, electric brakes, string measurer and a compatible electric stand.

But most importantly of all, Sharon is a committed, dedicated and meticulous stringer who goes out of her way to provide the highest quality service to her tennis playing customers in Singapore.

String Fix has the state of the art Techfibre Ergo Pro ATP stringing machine


String Fix is located at
Hong Leong Building
16 Raffles Quay
Singapore 048581

Business Hours:

Mondays – Fridays:         10.30am – 7.00pm
Saturdays:                           10.30am – 2.30pm.
Closed on Sunday and Public holidays.
Tel 65342344

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