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TAG International Tennis Academy was founded in Singapore in 2001 by Tan Xu Teng, or affectionately known by his coaches and students as Coach X, with the vision of establishing the best professional tennis club management company and tennis academy in Singapore based on holistic teaching approaches, providing competitive tennis juniors and players of all skill levels with the highest quality and performance lessons in Singapore by elite tennis coaches in Singapore.  

TAG International Tennis Academy Singapore Coaches
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Private Tennis Lessons In Singapore with TAG International Tennis Academy.
TAG International Tennis Academy Coach at Chinese Swimming Club coaching
Over the years, TAG International Tennis Academy methodology has proven to be extremely effective and popular with high performance lessons for competitive juniors and tennis players of all levels. With several tennis programs for competitive and recreational tennis players in Singapore, training with our philosophy of delivering highest quality professional tennis lessons in Singapore based on the latest developments in foundation technique, theories, teaching methodology, tennis strategy and tennis tactics, imparted with passion, dedication and attention to detail by Singapore best tennis coaches at TAG International Tennis Academy. Our satisfied clients and students have achieved remarkable rates of improvement and outstanding results in local and international tennis tournaments, producing top Singapore tennis players.

Since its inception, TAG International Tennis Academy’s tennis lessons in Singapore have touched more than 5,000 clients. Many of these remains with TAG International Tennis Academy today, a testament to the standards of the tennis coaching programs conducted by us. The strong growth has enabled the tennis school to engage even more highly qualified and Singapore certified tennis coaches who are still playing competitive tennis and share the same vision, coaching philosophy, framework and approach to tennis as Founder, Coach X.

At present, TAG International Tennis Academy runs a comprehensive suite of tennis programs in Singapore and private tennis lessons in Singapore for participants of all ages and playing levels. TAG International Tennis Academy has the experience and expertise to customise its tennis programs to suit the individual needs of its clientele, instead of relying on a standardized, overly structured approach to instruction.


Winchester Tennis Arena - Shelter Indoor Tennis Court managed by TAG International Tennis Academy
Winchester Tennis Arena - Shelter Indoor Tennis Court managed by TAG International Tennis Academy

On its 15th Anniversary in 2015, TAG International Tennis Academy reached a milestone in its history by opening Singapore’s first ever indoor tennis courts named Winchester Tennis Arena (WTA). Nestled in the tranquil surroundings on Alexandra Park at 12A Winchester Road Singapore 117786, Winchester Tennis Arena is the proud home of TAG International Tennis Academy with four beautiful fully sheltered indoor tennis courts. With a generous roof of 40ft and a 15ft baseline, it is suitable for high performance level tennis training, competitive tennis matches and formal tennis tournaments in Singapore. 
Tennis lessons are conducted safely by our TAG International Tennis Academy’s certified coaches, without the inconvenience of inclement weather. These beautiful sheltered indoor tennis courts are for rent for recreation and social games as well.


With its deep experience in club management, TAG International Tennis Academy has helmed tennis programs for several prestigious town and country clubs in Singapore, delivering high quality and structured tennis programs to their members in groups lessons or private lessons. Clubs that TAG International Tennis Academy have managed or are managing include The Tanglin ClubChinese Swimming ClubSerangoon Gardens Country ClubWarren Golf & Country Club, Safra Mount Faber, Safra Tampines, Safra Jurong, Safra Yishun, Home Team NS Balestier, Home Team NS Bukit Batok, Changi Beach Club, Ferraria Park, and Lake Life. 

Clubs that are interested to provide professionally managed tennis programs to their members are welcomed to contact us to explore such possibilities.


Private lessons are the platinum standard of TAG International Tennis Academy’s tennis lessons for adults and kids. Meticulously planned in discussion with you, the client, each tennis lesson is specifically tailored to your exact needs. Technical drill sessions to improve a weakness into a strength, tactical live ball sessions to appreciate the nuances of winning match play strategies, or just a hit about after a stressful and hectic work in the office for a good work-life balance. TAG International Tennis Academy’s private tennis lessons offer the best unparalleled development potential, at the privacy of your own session, at a time of your choosing at our sheltered Winchester Tennis Arena or your choice of a tennis court at country clubs or public tennis court or tennis count at your condo.

Private Tennis Lesson Fees

Tennis Lesson at Winchester Tennis Area
(inclusive of court hire)

Per Hour Ad Hoc: $120 / hour
10 Hours Package: $1,100 ($110 / hour)
25 Hours Package: $2,625 ($105 / hour)
50 Hours Package: $5,000 ($100 / hour)

Tennis Lesson at anywhere in Singapore
(inclusive of court hire)

Per Hour Ad Hoc: $95 / hour
10 Hours Package: $900 ($90 / hour)
25 Hours Package: $2,125 ($85 / hour)
50 Hours Package: $4,000 (80 / hour)


Doubles Mastery by TAG International Tennis Academy is a course developed by the collective efforts of TAG International’s team of elite tennis coaches.

Many players play doubles like how they play singles, just extending the center line and each player plays half and rallies cross court. That’s not the way doubles is played. 

There are concepts like the Worker Bee (the hardworking returner), the Terminator (who poaches off his partner’s good set-up shots), and specific spots on the court where you can draw specific responses from your opponents.

There are also statistically advantageous positioning tactics known as “The Stagger” to completely dominate your opponents and limit your opponent’s effectiveness and options. Conversely, we also impart the statistically disadvantageous positions so that you avoid limiting your options and giving away easy points to your opponents.

Doubles Mastery also imparts very specific responses to common scenarios that are encountered in a typical competitive tennis match. By knowing the winning responses to these scenarios and constantly practising the shots and patterns, you will be streets ahead of your opponents in thought and familiarity and typical outcomes to easy manage the responses they can put back at you to confidently defeat them.

Doubles Mastery also focuses on teaching you how to be a better doubles player individually, so that you can doubles partner anyone in your social tennis or club league. The emphasis on when to poach, when to pinch towards the middle, when to steal a point, how to bait an opponent into giving you a ball you want, and the specific footwork patterns required to execute these shots are emphasised.

Perfect for regular partners or ladies teams that participate in the Women’s International Tennis Singapore (WITS) and Ladies Tennis Singapore (LTS) tournaments in Singapore. 

Sign up now and learn how to play the best doubles in your life, and be loved by your club mates, teammates and social groups.

…. Immerse in the TAG International Tennis Academy experience now!
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I have tennis lessons with TAG coach Rocky, coach Bo, coach Peter, coach Dave and coach RJ for the past 6 years. They are very good coaches! Because of them I won my first Pesta Sukan Master Mixed 88+ Doubles.
Jen Kuah
via Google Reviews
Extremely please! If you are looking for a coach that will bring out the best in you.? I highly recommend Coach Ray.! His focus is the progress of his player in every session. The way he give his instructions are very easy to understand. He even demonstrates all the proper forms and right position inside the court. Coach Ray is gifted at noticing the small thing that are holding back, and is able to explain simple and achievable corrections. His very professional in handling his clients, he even customizes the lessons depending on his clients level of game.
Cesamari Paler
via Google Reviews
Recommend this place for a good coaching experience - Coach Rocky will put you in shape. Love how genuine he is, but his drills can be tough as hell! Nice guy too! 🙂 Keep it up guys!
Julian Foo
via Google Reviews

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