Everything you wanted to know about Singapore Tennis Association (STA) Inter-Club Tennis Tournament – TAG Definitive Guide Series

Coach XT receiving the STA Inter-Club Tennis Tournament Doubles Knock-Out Overall Champion Challenge Trophy from Singapore Tennis Association President Nicholas Lim on behalf of TNT Tennis Club.

The Singapore Tennis Association (STA) inter-club tennis competition is organised every year. The Singapore Tennis Association (STA) is the National Sports Agency (NSA) for tennis in Singapore.

The STA is led by the Management Committee who are made up of representatives of Member Clubs who wish to volunteer their time and are voted into the committee in the Annual General Meeting. The day-to-day running of the STA is led by Gilbert Ng and Wilson Tay and the executive team. The Member Clubs are clubs that are registered under the Registry of Societies (ROS), and are approved by the STA to participate in the inter-club competition. And so, to play in the STA inter-club tennis tournament, you must register a club with the ROS, be approved into the entry list by STA, and then sign-up for the competition. The easier way is to join an existing club who is already affiliated with the STA such as those below. TNT Tennis Club, Cougars Tennis Club, and Farrah Tennis Club have their tennis social games at Winchester Tennis Arena.

There are 4 Singapore Tennis Association inter-club tournaments every year. The inter-club singles league in March, the doubles knock-out in May/June, and the doubles league in September each year. The STA has recently added a Junior inter-club competition to the tournament calendar as well.

The STA inter-club tennis tournament singles league and the inter-club doubles league is played in a round-robin league format and separated into 8 divisions, Men’s and Ladies, Grades A, B, C and D. Grade A being the strongest division. In the event that there are several teams in the Grade, they will be divided into group and play round-robin matches within their respective groups, before playing the semi-finals and finals. The format of the tennis competition is 3 matches, played in a best-of-three-sets match, and the overall winner of the tie shall be the tennis club with 2 wins in that tie.

The STA Inter-Club tennis tournament doubles knockout is played in 4 divisions, Kliny Cup (Men’s A), Chua Cup (Men’s B), and Chan Cup (Men’s C and D), and the Martha Young Cup (Ladies A). There is also a grand-slam challenge trouphy for the best overall performing club who performs best over the 4 Divisions. TNT Tennis Club has won the Singapore Tennis Association Overall Challenge Trophy several times in the recent years as they have two A Grade Kliny Cup teams with one usually being the champion, one Chua Cup Team, one Chan Cup team comprising juniors, and a Martha Young team who also do very well.

For more information about participating in STA inter-club tennis competitions, you may send us an enquiry here.

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List of Tennis Clubs in Singapore:

American Club
Bagel & Breadsticks Tennis Club
British Club
Burghley Tennis Club
Changi Airport Recreation Club
Changi Beach Club
Club de Savannah
Clay Courts
Cougars Tennis Club
Evolve Tennis
Farrah Tennis Club
Filipino Tennis Club
Hollandse Club
Keppel Club
Law Society of Singapore
Malay Sports Club
National University of Singapore (NUS)
National University of Singapore Society (NUSS)
Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU)
Oldham Club
Pinoy Sports and Recreation Club
Police Sports Association
Sanwa Tennis Club
Seletar Country Club
Serangoon Gardens Country Club
Singapore Airlines Group Sports Club
Singapore Armed Forces Sports Club
Singapore Cricket Club (SCC)
Singapore Island Country Club
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Recreation Club (SRC)
Singapore Swimming Club
Singtel Tennis Club
Sports Report Tennis Club
Swiss Club
Tanglin Club
Teeloon Tennis Club
Tesaja Tennis Club
TNT Tennis Club
U&I Tennis Club
Weekend Warriors Tennis Club