Coach Rocky Ballesteros Paglalunan's Junior Tennis Students

Coach Rocky, Director of Tennis, TAG International Tennis Academy
Coach Rocky coached Jeson Prabotom to the world number 9 ranking in ITF Juniors. He is regarded as one of the best tennis coaches in Singapore for private tennis lessons.
Coach Rocky Paglalunan
Director of Tennis, TAG International Tennis Academy
Right Handed, Single-handed backhand
United States Professional Registry (USPTR) Certified
ActiveSG Academy Certified
Singapore National Registry of Coaches (NROC) accredited
Singapore Ministry of Education registered

Coaching Experience
Former Head Coach of the Tennis Academy of the Philippines Foundation (TAPF)
Joint- Head Coach of TAG’s Winchester Tennis Arena
Head Coach of Chinese Swimming Club
Jeson Prabotom to the world number 9 ranking in ITF Juniors
Numerous Coaching Conferences
Tennis Coach with more than 20 years experience 

Competitive Playing Experience
Singapore Open Men’s Champion
Former #7 Ranked Player in the Philippines
Singapore A Grade Singles and Doubles Champion 

Coach Rocky Ballesteros Paglalunan's Profile

Singapore Open Men’s Singles Champion himself, Coach Rocky coaches Jeson Pratombon to U18 World, No. 9, and top Singapore juniors’ Paul, Aaron and Vishal. A relentless task master, pushing his students to their limits, always. But in return, the rise to the top of their tennis cohorts is virtually assured under Coach Rocky. The former Philippines No. 7 player, Rocky B. Paglalunan have a lot of local and overseas competitive experience under his belt. This will be a considerable factor if you are choosing tennis coaching for competitive juniors, a coach with a solid competitive experience can follow your youngster and motivate him or her throughout the difficult path of high-level competitions.

Coach Rocky is good at defending the tennis court with good footwork on covering the whole tennis court, forcing the opponent to make errors or by exhausting the opponent and wait for the chance to finish the game. 

At TAG International, Where Champions Learn to Play.

Tennis Lesson with Coach Rocky

Setting the groundwork and strong basic foundation for your child’s game is key. A tennis coach who can ingrain solid fundamentals will facilitate progress and proper technique is the foundation to becoming a great tennis player. With more than 20 years of tennis coaching experience to top competitive juniors and competitive playing experience, Coach Rocky is one of the best tennis coach Singapore. Coach Rocky is based at TAG International Tennis Academy’s flagship shelter tennis courts venue, Winchester Tennis Arena and Chinese Swiming Club. For private tennis lessons in Singapore with Coach Rocky, call or WhatsApp us at 9839 5232 or 9029 8400 to enquire or book a tennis lesson now.

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