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Health and fitness have lately become a part of corporate culture in Singapore. Recreation clubs in corporate companies are constantly looking for ideas to encourages employees to stay healthy and having a well-balanced lifestyle. Our corporate tennis clinics are customisable to suit the number of players, the skill levels, and according to the main goals of the company teambuilding. Corporate tennis clinics can be arranged at the academy shelter tennis courts at Winchester Tennis Arena, without the inconvenience of inclement weather.

Through our corporate tennis clinics or programs, we are not only ensuring the well-being of individuals but also boosting the productivity levels among colleagues and learning a new skills together. 

The basics of the game are imparted during this corporate tennis clinics and participants will be able to get a hands-on feel of:

  • Forehand Volleys
  • Backhand Volleys
  • Forehand 
  • Backhand
  • Serve
  • Overhead

– $120 per hour, maximum 4 participants (extra $30 for extra pax with maximum of 6 participants), usually sessions are for 2 hours. Inclusive of court hire fees.
– Usually 8 to 12 sessions, once a week.

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