Singapore Top's Junior Tennis Players

Singapore's Top Competitive Tennis Junior Players 2019 with TAG International Tennis Coaches
Left to Right: Frederick, Bryan, Bill Chan, Maximus Wong, Evan Lee, Matthias Wong, Matthew Lim, Jordan, Aaron Chiu, Lim Lerr Min, Julienne Goh, Keslyn Poh, Claire Chan. With Coaches Left to Right: Coach RJ, Coach X, Coach Bobby, Coach Bo

TAG International Tennis Academy Produces Top Tennis Players

TAG International Tennis Academy methodology has proven to be effective and popular with high performance lessons for competitive juniors and players of all levels. The most important stage in a junior tennis player is the development pathways where the juniors acquires their tennis fundamentals, tennis basics, mastering their basic strokes and to correct their bad habits. In additional, training their physical aspects to suits the game in the court.

TAG International Tennis Academy has the experience and expertise to customise its tennis programs to suit the individual needs, instead of relying on a standardized, overly structured approach to instruction. Therefore, TAG International Tennis Academy produces the best competitive top junior tennis player in Singapore.

Join TAG International Tennis Academy to start your tennis journey with the best tennis coaches in Singapore.

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