Coach X : Charlotte Yeo U14#1

As featured in the Singapore Straits Times: Charlotte leads RGS to comeback win in National School Games Final.

I promised Competive Junior Tennis Player Charlotte Yeo a mention if she did well but she’s done it with a big one in The Straits Times. Writer Jeremy Lim is astute to agree with mum Geraldine Peck-Yeo that Charlotte Yeo plays like a Robot. The best ‘Autobot’ to describe her would actually be Bumble Bee – speedy, and determined. What’s also important is her dedication to hard work and repetition, hitting endless balls exactly as her coaches want it – at which depth, at which height, with what shape, to which part of the court, and where to go after that to cover her opponent’s options, until it became ‘robotically’ second nature to her. A recognition for the little girl whose hard work is reaping her big results.