Ladies Tennis in Singapore: WITS, LTS, AWA and STA Inter-Club

Complete Guide to Ladies Tennis in Singapore

Winchester Tennis Arena, the ideal indoor tennis courts in Singapore for women's tennis tournament matches
Winchester Tennis Arena, the ideal indoor tennis courts in Singapore for tournament matches

There are several ladies tennis leagues in Singapore that are played throughout the calendar year if you are a decent club level tennis player. Almost all of these tournaments will require you to have a home base court for your matches. You can find a comprehensive list of tennis courts available in Singapore here. Several teams use the indoor covered tennis courts of Winchester Tennis Arena as advanced booking is available, and play is guaranteed despite inclement weather. Most tennis teams have organised team training with the leading tennis academies in Singapore, such as TAG International Tennis Academy, and have team uniforms. While these are often seen as social tennis, the matches particularly in the WITS tournaments, are often very competitive. Some teams engage female tennis coaches with the belief that female tennis coaches related better to the WITS and LTS tennis tournaments and the tactics they teach to are more suited to women’s tennis.

Women’s International Tennis League (WITS)

Ladies Tennis in Singapore: TAG International Tennis Academy @ Winchester Tennis Arena, ideal for ladies team training and the WITS and LTS tennis matches.
TAG International Tennis Academy @ Winchester Tennis Arena, ideal for ladies team training and the WITS and LTS tennis matches.

Women’s International Tennis Singapore (WITS) is a tennis league with more than 650 women who play tennis for competitive challenge and social camaraderie.  This weekday tennis league enables ladies from diverse national and cultural background to come together for social tennis.  There are Doubles and Singles leagues for players, divided into 8 divisions, so it is very competitive and suitable to find a right level of competition.

The Autumn Season runs from September through to November and the Spring Season, February through to April.  WITS is fully sanctioned by the Singapore Tennis Association (STA).

You will need to form a team of between 8 and 12 players, each team member must play a minimum of 2 matches, and the team’s players must be ranked, such that the strongest pair (when their respective rankings are combined for doubles) must play in order of strength in three matches per tie, best of three sets per match, no-ad scoring, either home or away.

Ladies Tennis Singapore (LTS)

Due to the competitive nature of WITS, players who are lower ranked in teams often play only two matches. In general, there are a number of such fringe players thus participate in an alternative LTS league tournament so as to have more matches.

LTS is formed as a mid-week ladies’ doubles league with the goal of encouraging participation in league play to promote sportsmanship and social tennis for all level of players. There are 3 Divisions and so the range of opponents a player will meet is far more varied. It is doubles only, and each team requires 6-8 players. The players have to play 4 sets in total each tie, and there is a Fall season from September to December and a Spring season from January to April each year.

American Women’s Association (AWA) Doubles League

American Women’s Association (AWA) Doubles Match Play is a social tennis event with a slightly competitive element. The event was created to provide women with an opportunity to play relaxed social doubles with a different group of women each week, whilst tallying individual scores on a weekly basis.

Members sign up individually. Players rotate doubles partners every week. A coordinator provides a schedule for the 8-week season, each week dividing players into groups of four with a designated captain who is responsible for booking a court, providing a new can of balls, and reporting the scores to the coordinator.

Each week, you will play a standard doubles match (best of three sets) with a different partner. This activity is open to all skill levels. Depending on the number of people signed up, Doubles Match Play will have two divisions: Beginners/Intermediate and Advanced. Potential recommended days of play will be Beginners (Tuesdays) and Advanced (Thursdays). The number of divisions depends on sign-ups and will not be determined until registration closes. A current AWA tennis assessment is required to participate in this event. Register for Doubles Match Play on the main tennis page here.

Singapore Tennis Association Inter-Club Singles League, Inter-Club Doubles League and Knock Out Tournament

The Singapore Tennis Association (STA) organises team tournaments at least 3 times a year. An inter-club singles league (April), doubles knock-out (June) and doubles league (September).

The singles and doubles league are played in 4 Grades A, B, C and D. For the doubles knock-out, there is only the Martha Young Cup, which is an A Grade tournament.

To participate, you will need to be a member of a participating tennis club for the STA women’s tennis team tournaments in Singapore. If you are a decent player several clubs that will be open to having you as a team member. The usual strong contenders in the inter club ladies scene are TNT Tennis Club, Chinese Swimming Club (CSC), Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) and Sanwa Tennis Club.

Team Tennis Training

Ladies Tennis Singapore: Team Training at Singapore's Top Tennis Academy, TAG International Tennis Academy @ Winchester Tennis Arena
Team Aces, with the Coaches of TAG International Tennis Academy

Many of these women’s tennis teams are rather competitive, with organised team training with the best tennis academies in Singapore such as TAG International Tennis Academy at their tennis courts at Winchester Tennis Arena. Such team training usually focuses on two main aspects, first making each player individually better as a doubles player so that they can partner any of their teammates, and second to make fixed pairs better as a team through synergistic doubles strategy, tactics, communication and teamwork.

Female Tennis Coaches in Singapore

Some ladies tennis teams female coaches in Singapore to coach their teams. Very good female coaches in Singapore are few and far between, some of the more well known female tennis coaches are Coach Lela Zainal, Coach Jaime Wong, and Coach Cheryl Oh. Most of the leading tennis academies in Singapore such as TAG International Tennis Academy, SITA Tennis Academy, Savitar Tennis and Tennis Inc do not have any female tennis coaches in their ranks.

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