8 Reasons why TAG International Tennis Academy’s Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta is one of the best private tennis coaches in Singapore

In the one year that Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta has joined TAG International Tennis Academy, he has quickly become one of the most respected and well-liked coaches in Singapore, attracting many of the country’s top competitive tennis players to train with him. Below are 8 reasons why Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta (better known as Coach Ten Rapeepat) is one of the best private tennis coaches in Singapore.

Coach Ten Rapeepat hits a Jumping Backhand Kill Shot
  1. Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta is TAG International Tennis Academy’s most current ATP Tour Coach.
    – Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta coached Japan Tennis Star Yuichi Ito ATP #325.  
    – Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta coached Warwrit Sornbutnark, SEA Games to a Men’s Singles Gold Medal when the SEA Games was hosted in Singapore in 2015.

    Coach Ten Rapeepat High Backhand
  2. Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta was one of the top 5 players in Thailand at Under 18 Level. After his competitive days, he worked as part of the team staff for the Thai Tennis Association and the Thailand national team for several years.

    Coach Rapeepat Thonghatt prepares to hit a high backhand
  3. Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta has worked for Asia’s highest ranked player ATP #9 Paradorn Srichaphan.

    TAG Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta prepares to hit a high backhand
  4. Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta was also the coach to two ITF Top 100 Juniors Mr Teeradorn Tortrakul and Mr Chayanon Keawsutol.
  5. In November 2016, Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta was part of the coaching team for the invitational SEA Junior Training Camp during the prestigious BNP WTA Tennis Finals hosted by Singapore that Singapore.

    TAG Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta hits a high backhand
  6. A lot of Singapore’s Junior Players compete in Thailand ATF and have a lot of success, Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta has been an instrumental point of contact, opening doors and access to our local players otherwise do not have to the Thailand coaches like Paradorn Srichaphan, Danai Udomchoke and Thanakorn. Many parents who train at the Academy have sought his advice and guidance for training and competing in Thailand.

    Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta of TAG International Tennis Academy
  7. Many Thai players in the Singapore community are coached by Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta due to his ability to speak Thai, and identify with them from similar cultural backgrounds. With the high quality of his tennis instruction, word has spread about him teaching tennis in Singapore and many Thai students learn from him.

    Coach Ten Rapeepat Backhand Finish
  8. Coach Rapeepat Thonghatta now has several of Singapore’s top juniors training with him, including Julienne Goh, Lim Lerr Min, Sarah Chan, Chong Xing Ying, Keslyn Poh, Dyanne Hsu, Ian Lai and Kyra Yip.

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