Doubles Mastery for Improve Doubles Skills by TAG International Tennis Academy

Doubles Mastery by TAG International is a private tennis training program developed by the collective efforts of TAG International’s tennis coaches to help you improve your Doubles Matchplay. In this tennis program in Singapore, tennis players will learn to how to be a good doubles partner to win more doubles matches through:

  1. Improving your doubles skills;
  2. Improving your doubles court positioning;
  3. Learn how to effectively communicate with your doubles partner;
  4. Learning doubles tennis tactics; and
  5. Improve their overall doubles match play.

Many players play doubles like they play singles, by just extending the center line of the tennis court and each player plays their half and rallying cross court.That’s not the way tennis doubles is played. 

There are concepts like the Worker Bee (the hardworking baseliner), the Terminator (who poaches off his or her doubles partner’s good set-up shots), and specific spots on the court where you can draw specific responses from your doubles opponents.

The Doubles Mastery Tennis Program by TAG International also focuses on teaching you how to be a better doubles player individually, so that you can be a good doubles partner to anyone in your social tennis or club league. The emphasis on doubles tactics such as when to poach, when to pinch towards the middle, when to steal a point, how to bait an opponent into giving you a ball you want, and the specific footwork patterns and doubles court positioning required to execute these shots are emphasised.

About 50 hours in all to improve doubles skills depending on a doubles player’s progress and calibre, more sessions required if the trainee has weaker volleys. You can attend this course with your doubles partner.

Sign up now and learn how to play the best tennis doubles of your life, and be loved by your club mates and social groups alike. Improve your tennis doubles skills and win more doubles tennis matches from today.

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