Developed by TAG International’s collective team effort, Singles Mastery by TAG International is a course that specifically imparts to competitive juniors and adults the strategic dimensions of the games.

Tennis is not just about hitting the ball, but where you choose to hit the ball to, and being ready for the likely responses is equally or if not even more important. Tennis is a game that does not reward beautiful strokes, but the effectiveness of the shots played.

Module 1

In Module 1, we seek to understand and help you develop based on your (a) personality; (b) technical ability, what is the best style of tennis that you would be most suited to playing to give you the best percentage of winning points. Broadly, players could be categorised into the (i) more defensive minded Retrievers; (ii) more offensive minded Attacking Baseliners; the (iii) full court press Serve-and-volleys and Chip and Chargers; (iv) the geometrically adept Spin Doctors; or the (v) jack of all trades All-Courters. Within these five broad categories there are obviously many hybrids, and the Singles Mastery by TAG International course will help you to develop a game best suited to you so that you can play your best tennis.

Module 2

In Module 2, we impart the nuances and characteristics of the other styles of play, teaching the strategies of how to counter the other styles of play so that when you play such respective opponents. With the singles blueprint, you are ready to take on various players and play the best tennis you can.

In total about 50 one-hour sessions depending on trainee’s progress, charged at private lesson rates. With less static drills and and more situational live ball drills, Singles Mastery by TAG International is a course that is well reviewed and praised by clients for its effectiveness.

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