Young Singapore Star Aaron Chiu’s 6 powerful physical conditioning exercises to elevate your tennis game. Be Diligent and soar to more tennis wins.

Tennis is as much a sport about skill as it is about speed, strength, and the physicality to outhit, and outlast your opponent. In this article, Coach Bobby and handsome teenage tennis star Aaron Chiu of Singapore show you the best free-weights physical conditioning exercises to enhance your tennis game so that you can soar to more tennis victories (and a beautiful body).

Single Leg Calf Raises

Aaron Chiu does single leg calf raises for physical conditioning


Aaron Chiu does single lunges for physical conditioning

Dumbbell Presses on Balancing Ball

Dumbbell Flyes on Balancing Ball

Aaron Chiu does single dumbbell flyes for physical conditioning

Straddle Shoulder Presses

Balance balls Clean and Press

Aaron Chiu, Singapore Tennis Junior who practices at TAG International Tennis Academy

Aaron Chiu is a Singapore Open Semi-Finalist at the tender age of 15. Aaron Chiu trains with the best private tennis coaches such as TAG Coach Bo Alburo and Coach Bobby Esquivel from the best tennis academy in Singapore.

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