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At TAG International, we have put together a strong support team to help you achieve your best tennis.

ActiveSG Academy

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SportSG’s Active SG Tennis Academy’s vision starts with the basis that with a structured pathway to unleashing his or her potential, the child will now have an opportunity to enjoy playing tennis before learning to play at the highest level. Helmed by TAG International’s professional coaches, your child will be engaged at every level in their development. From fundamental movement skills to core tennis skills, the programs are designed to be fun, yet challenging. As they progress, they will be equipped with the technical, physical and mental aspects to further enjoy or compete.

Beyond teaching tennis, character building, inculcating values and life skills are fundamental to ActiveSG Tennis Academy. Discipline, hard work and respect are just as important as a backhand or a forehand. It’s not about just producing better tennis players, but better individuals.

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Founded by Singapore’s leading sports psychology expert, Mr Edgar Tham, SportPsych Consulting is Singapore’s very first and largest sport & performance psychology consultancy established since 2006. At SportPsych Consulting, we provide coaching, training, psychological testing, and peak performance video services to enhance both individual and team performances across various domains: e.g., sport, music, performing arts, sales, business, financial trading, police / military applications.

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PhysioActive was established in Singapore in 2006 with the goal to provide high quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. With an international team from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, Brazil and Singapore. All the therapists are highly educated and have many post-graduate degrees and certificates such as manual therapysports therapysports massageexercise therapyneurological therapydry needling and foot reflexology.

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Founded by a childhood friend of Managing Partner Tan Xu Teng, Coach Jonathan Wong‘s Genesis Gym aims to be the best gym in Singapore by offering you the maximum health and fitness results possible in the time you spend with us. Their holistic training system gives you the best in exercise, nutrition, injury management, posture correction and more.

For nearly a decade, they have produced consistently excellent results for a wide variety of clients ranging from former “couch potatoes” to busy executives, fitness buffs, senior citizens with nagging aches, and national athletes from rock climbing, tennis, basketball, rugby, floor ball and cricket teams.

When you join them, you’ll get personal training from their team of coaches. This means you’ll have a flexible training schedule and will benefit from the up-to-date knowledge and expertise of the entire team. At the same time, you’ll maintain the consistency in your training regimen because of your individualised programme.

Founded by Dr Edward Kissun, Kissun Chirpractic is founded to help, inter alia, sportsmen resolve the pain of sports injuries, and restoring and maintaining optimal health as quickly as possible through the best quality chiropractic practices in Singapore at cost effective prices.

A tennis focus tennis shop located on the 3rd floor of Queensway Shopping Centre where you can purchase and/or string your racquets, as well as get your latest apparel and shoes.

The Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches (AATC) was formed to provide an option for tennis coaches who want to attain the same highest standards in coach education. AATC’s presenters have over 25 years of on court presenting experience and over 20 years of lecture experience.