Tennis Bag – 14 Essential Things To Carry on Match Day

Tennis Bag Pack by Sergio Tacchinni

Packing your tennis bag for your tennis match day is very important. While you may pack a lot of other items, make sure you include these 14 items to feel really prepared for all kinds of surprises that may occur during your tennis match.

  1. Tennis Balls – In case none of you have balls
  2. Blister Spray – This is essential in long matches especially in tournaments. It could be the difference between winning and giving up the match. You will be glad you kept one in your tennis bag someday.
  3. Dry energy bar or two bananas – In case you are in a dogfight.
  4. Isotonic Salts – Prevents cramps from developing. Just add to your drink for tough matches
  5. Tennis Over Grips – On hot days or raining days. You can’t play if your grip is wet and twisting in your hand on every shot you hit.
  6. Post tennis match clothing
  7. Tennis Racquets – Every tennis player should have at least one spare racquet in their tennis bag in case the strings snap
  8. Slipper or casual footwear – Do not wear your tennis shoes after match for they are warm and wet inside. Perfect environment for fungus.
  9. Spare Tennis Shoes – This is actually quite important if your shoes are a bit old. Glue dries up and the soles may come apart. Or on a day where the sun is not out and the perspiration from shoes cannot dry quick enough and the shoes become too wet. While it may be cumbersome, keeping a pair in your tennis bag on matchday is a very wise thing to do.
  10. Mirofibre Towel – Keep dry during matches and prevents your shorts from becoming too wet to affect the tennis balls in your pocket
  11. Tennis Socks – Same as spare shoes.
  12. Spare match clothing – Change after every set to keep your athletic performance at a high level.
  13. Water Bottle – This one is obvious. Have a large one in your tennis bag.
  14. Tennis Wristbands – Prevents your grip from becoming too wet and having to change grips mid match to avoid grip twisting.

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