Benefits of Private Tennis Lessons vs Group Tennis Lessons

A very commonly asked question by parents to tennis coaches, tennis academies and even on Google is what is the difference between private tennis lessons and group tennis lessons. In this article, we set out a detailed analysis of what to expect, and the benefits of private tennis lessons vs group tennis lessons so that you can make your most informed decision depending on your tennis objectives.

Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons In Singapore with TAG International Tennis Academy.

Private tennis lessons are the gold standard of tennis instruction. These are one-to-one lessons between the tennis coach and the tennis trainee. In a typical 60-minute private tennis lesson training session, after the warm-up, the coach will usually start off with technical development. This can be anything depending on the trainees strengths and weaknesses. At TAG International Tennis Academy, there are usually two technical drills, focusing on improving the forehand and then the backhand which are the fundamental strokes of any tennis player’s game.

Private Tennis Lessons: Technical Drills (Player Specific)

Thereafter, a third technical drill is usually added, usually focusing on the serve for it is a very important aspect of the game, or the volleys. All these technical drills involve working to aspects such as grips, techniques, swing path, footwork, and finding the right balance of power and spin on each of these shots.

Private Tennis Lessons: Tactical Application (Player Specific)

The final 15-minutes of the private tennis lesson is focused on tactical play. At TAG International Tennis Academy, this usually takes the form of situational point play. It may be developing the point from a backhand cross court opener, an inside out forehand, or focusing on specific patterns of play that is suited to the players skill set, physical attributes, and temperament, whether he or she is an attacking baseliner, a counter-puncher or someone more defensive minded baseliner.

Private Tennis Lesson: Cost in Singapore

Naturally, because the lessons are one-to-one, the coach will charge you for the entire hour of his time. In Singapore, there is a large range of prices, but they are generally around $60-$120 per hour. Some coaches included the court hire in the lesson fee, for others, the client has to pay that fee in addition to the lesson fee.

At TAG International Tennis Academy, our private tennis lesson rates start from $100 per hour inclusive of court hire at a venue near you, or $120 per hour inclusive of court hire at our indoor academy at Winchester Tennis Arena.

Group Tennis Lessons

Group Tennis Lessons in Singapore by TAG International Tennis Academy

Group tennis lessons are more general in nature, as they are shared with other trainees of, ideally, similar standards.

In general group lessons class sizes tend to range from three to ten players per court and coach, depending on the price of the lesson and the group lesson provider. The more grassroots and mass market programs such as those at the Singapore Tennis Association and the ActiveSG Tennis Academy tend to have larger numbers per class per court per coach, at cheaper prices. At private academies, the ratios are typically smaller from three to six trainees, and as a result these tend to be slightly more costly.

Group Tennis Lessons: General Drills

In terms of lesson format in group lesson, they are usually 1.5 to 2 hours in duration. The central idea is a group of players of similar standard working hard and training together and pushing each other to improve. For warm ups, they hit with each other and all players try to keep up with each other, and they often play winners up, losers down.

There will in general be a drill component, and these are always tactical focused, so that it is suitable to for most players although obviously it will not fit every player on the court specifically due to different attributes and gamestyles. Nonetheless, such drills to bring about general all round improvements to a player.

Group Tennis Lessons: Point Play and Match Play

The later half of the group tennis less is usually matchplay, where players take on each other to play points with coach setting certain tactical objectives or wanting the trainees to focus on executing certain tactical patterns. In this environment, trainees embrace playing a lot of points and matches and situational points, and push each other to improve.

Group Tennis Lessons: Physical Conditioning

In group tennis lessons, there is also a heavy emphasis on physical conditioning. The last 15 minutes of the training session, coaches will usually focus on physical conditioning such as sprints or static exercises such to make the players stronger athletes to be able to reach more balls and to play tougher tennis matches.

Group Tennis Lessons: Cost in Singapore

In Singapore, group tennis lessons cost between $10/h to $40 an hour at private academies. In large part, this depends on location, the credentials of the coach, the class size and importantly, whether it is subsidised, such as the classes provided by the Singapore Tennis Association or the ActiveSG Tennis Academy. At TAG International Tennis Academy, our classes at SAFRA start from $30/h and at our indoor venue at Winchester Tennis Arena, $35/h.

Summary and Conclusion: Comparing Benefits of Private Tennis Lessons vs Group Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons Group Tennis Lessons
* Emphasis Technical Training *Usually limited Technical Training
*Customised Tactical Training *General Tactical Training
*Hits with Coach *Hits with Fellow Trainees
*Own Time and Convenience *Fixed Time and Location
*$90/h-$150/h ($95-$120 at TAG) $35/h – $90/h ($50-$70 at TAG)

Group Tennis Lessons in Singapore with TAG International Tennis Academy

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