Competitive Tennis Training in Singapore

Competitive Tennis Training in Singapore. Coach X, Managing Partner, TAG International Tennis Academy
Competitive Tennis Training in Singapore: Coach X

Competitive Tennis Training in Singapore

TAG International Tennis Academy is regarded in Singapore as the leading tennis academy for the provision of competitive tennis training in Singapore. Specialising in the coaching and development of competitive tennis players, TAG International Tennis Academy’s professional coaching roster consists of several of the region’s former top competitive players themselves.

Competitive Tennis Training in Singapore by Elite Coaching Team

Coach X – Highest world rank of #56 on the ITF Men’s 35+ World Tour, Coach to Singapore’s Men’s National Team. Currently coaches top Singapore juniors Matthias Wong, Maximus Wong, Bill Chan, Claire Chan, Joelle Goh, Julienne Goh, Lerr Min, Matthew Johnstone, Natania Tan, Charlotte Yeo and Kyra Yip.

Coach Rocky Paglalunan – Joint Head Coach, Winchester Tennis Arena. Head Coach, Chinese Swimming Club. Singapore Open Men’s Singles Champion. Coached Jeson Pratombon to ITF U18 #9. Coach to Singapore’s highest ever ITF ranked junior, Isaac Ong. Currently coaches top Singapore junior Vishal Prakash, Natania Tan and Evan Lee.

Coach Bo Alburo – Joint Head Coach, Winchester Tennis Arena. Currently coaches top Singapore juniors Aaron Chiu, Eldon Lee.

Coach Jeremy Maniago – Director of Tennis. Currently coaches top Singapore juniors Bill Chan, Claire Chan, Maximus Wong, Abriez Wong and Charlotte Yeo.

Coach Michael Mantua – Assistant Director of Tennis. Favourite hitting partner of the WTA stars when they are in Singapore. Coach to Matthias Wong and Kanika Vaidya.

Coach Ray Evan – Assistant Director of Tennis (Adult Competitive). The doubles maestro, Coach Ray Paler is the coach to several WITS and LTS teams and individually to adult players playing in Singapore’s competitive inter-club, WITS and LTS leagues.

Coach Israel Abarquez – Assistant Director of Tennis. Two Singapore Open Singles Titles and a Singapore Open Doubles title. Coach to Irving Fung, Robin Cheng, Joelle Goh, Julienne Goh, Gareth Kong, Matthew Yip and Kyra Yip.

Coach Neils Khoe – Assistant Director of Tennis. Coach to Anarv Kapoor.

Coach Dave Regencia – Assistant Director of Tennis. Coach to super prodigy Abriez Wong.

Coach Peter Egos – Assistant Director of Tennis. Coach to several juniors who are starting to break through the junior ranks. Watch this space.

Coach Bobby Esquivel – Director of Tennis (Strength & Conditioning). Coach to Aaron Chiu, Vishal Prakash, Frederick, Eldon Lee and Erin Lee.

Coach Parekh Pratim – Assistant Director of Tennis. Coach to Kanika Vaidya.

Coaching venues include TAG International Tennis Academy’s flagship Winchester Tennis Arena (Indoor), Chinese Swimming Club, Safras, Our Tampines Hub (Indoor), Heartbeat @ Bedok (Indoor), public courts or the tennis court in your condominium.