Coach Parekh Pratim, One of The Best Indian Tennis Coach in Singapore

Coach Parekh Pratim, one of India’s best tennis players and the best Indian Tennis Coach in Singapore, joins TAG International’s formidable list of Singapore Open Champions – Coach Israel, Coach Dave, Coach Bo and Coach Rocky – as Singapore Open Champions with his maiden title at the Season ending Singapore Open 2017. Coach Parek Pratim edged out fellow TAG Coach and Managing Partner, Coach X in the deciding super tie-break in an All-TAG Finals for the impressive win.

Celebrating 3 years of TAG International Tennis Academy's Roster

The former Under 18 number 1 ranked player in India and former head coach of the All India Tennis Association, Coach Parekh Pratim is well known to be the best Indian tennis coach in Singapore, and he services a large following of the Indian tennis community in Singapore from children to adults. As a coach with a lot of competitive playing experience, it enables him to conduct high performance tennis lessons and knowledge on tennis tactics in personal private tennis lessons.

Coach Parekh Pratim is a left-handed that can hit both a double backhand and a single backhand, and plays a typical, highly effective left handed style of curving the ball outside the court and taking the ball early to put it into the open court and following it to the net. He is supremely light on his feet and has one of the best movement and footwork among all the tennis players in Singapore. Coach Pratim has extremely good volleys and also a very delicate touch both from the baseline and at the net. He is also able to find very acute angles on the tennis court by having a very sure touch, and also the ability to generate extreme racquet-head speed with his tennis racquet. Indeed to be the Number 1 tennis player in India at the Under 18 level, you have to be very good. 

Coach Pratim is sponsored by Wilson, official tennis racquet partner and Sergio Tachhini, official tennis apparel partner.

Learn Tennis from Coach Pratim

If you are looking for lessons with Coach Pratim, contact us now at +65 98395232. Coach Pratim teaches at Winchester Tennis Arena as well as east of Singapore such as Tampines, Pasir Ris, Tanjong Rhu, Bartley area and if time permitting, is able to travel to your condominium or a public court near you.

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Coach Parekh Pratim, TAG International Tennis Academy, one of singapore best indian tennis coach
Coach Pratim, former Under 18 number 1 ranked player in India
Coach Pratim, best indian tennis coach in singapore
Coach Pratim, the best Indian Tennis Coach in Singapore and Singapore Open Champion