Tennis Mental Mastery: Co-Developed by TAG International x SportsPsych 

A lot of players tend to become tentative towards the business end of the match, or when victory is within grasp and seize to take their opportunities, and go from a winning position to a regrettable, painful defeat.

The Mental Mastery Course by TAG International x Sports Psych seeks to get tennis players to perform to the best of the ability. The course starts with a Psychological Profiling to allow the coaches to understand a player’s (i) Composure; (ii) Cope-ability; (iii) Confidence; (iv) Cohesiveness, and their mental attitudes when it comes to crunch time. With the information, the coaches can then impart important mental skills to the trainees through TAG International’s {5Rs} system towards playing each point to the best of one’s ability. It is the gold standard of pre-match routines that is used by ATP and WTA stars on the tour.

Mental Mastery by TAG International x Sports Psych also educates players on the percentages and optimal risk-management ratios for each point. While every point in a tennis game is important, their consequence towards winning the game is different. You would employ a very different tactical approach when you are up 40-0, compared to at 0-15 in a game, where winning the next point causes a heave an earth difference between the score being tied at 15-15 and you being down 0-30 and having your back to the wall in that game. A thorough understanding of the risk-reward ratio for every single point from love-all to sudden-deal allows competitive juniors and adults to appreciate optimal shot selections at any moment in a match.

With Mental Mastery by TAG International x Sports Psych, you now have the tools to play the best matches of your life.

Why hesitate? Sign up now and play the best tennis of your life. Approximately 25 hours with 22 hours on court and 4 hours with Sports Psych Consulting.

At TAG International, Where Champions Learn to Play.

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